Weather Misery

There is only one word capable of describing today’s weather and that is miserable. So miserable in fact, that I think it completely necessary to dedicate an entire post to the behaviour of the elements on this gloomy December’s day.

This morning I woke up my usual tired and groggy self to find the early morning sky considerably darker than yesterday. Accordingly, I declared it night-time and went back to my warm,cozy bed for a short, yet nevertheless precious, ten extra minutes that went by all too fast and as soon as I knew it, I was in the freezing cold, on my way to school. I am unable to differentiate between different levels of freezing cold, but I think it may have also been a bit colder today than yesterday due to the sole fact that there were more people gathered around my usual heater at break time. Together, hands  resting against its coveted warmth we watched the rain drizzle down the fogged up window, unusually grateful for the protection of the school from the outside world and its temperamental weather conditions. The rain continued to pour down heavier and heavier, the wind’s howling joining it in its mission. Once, the sky had decided it had drowned us in enough misery, it suddenly started spitting balls of ice. Hailstones stormed down on us. Frozen raindrops opted to rapidly bounce off the windows they had once drizzled down and again we continued to watch the weather from the safety of our toasty warm classroom. Nothing could ever make us leave our weather-proof haven… Hailstones slowed and again changed form. This time the sky graced us in the form of snow. Delighted squeels of teenage excitement filled the room as we dettached ouselves from the heaters and raced outside to the dark sky, the freezing cold, the howling wind and the snow.

And that was Yasmine, reporting today’s weather.

Thank you for tuning in.

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