Snow causes disruptions

Mr Snowman

My sisters' snowman-a beacon of hope

London has been hit-hard. At least that’s how they’re making it out to be. The way people are panicking and complaining one would think that we were all trapped in our houses with no means of escape, huddled together in the dark next to a weakly lit candle as we waited for outside help,worrying that our final tins of food would soon run out. But that is definitely not the case. It can’t be that bad if I could go shopping  today and still find the shopping centre full. Poor shoppers, did the snow push them all the way to the shops and force them to spend all their hard-earned cash? Did they slip all the way to the shoes aisle? How tragic.

That’s not to say that I’m particularly happy about the snow situation in London. The way people have reacted is both annoying and depressing. Turn on the news and you get an elongated weather forecast. Turn on the radio and you get an elongated weather forecast. Facebook- elongated weather forecast. One hint of snow and all my online friends seem to feel the need to report it. I get it. It’s snowing. Moving on now…

Let’s not forget whose fault the snow is. The government is fully responsible for the fact that snow is falling as I type. What a bunch of amateur politicians. Evidently they are unable to take care of the proper running of this country. First, they bring us into a recession. Then, they raise student fees. And now, as if all that was not enough; they make it snow. They have ruined the holidays of thousands of people,at least my family’s holiday…

Due to heavy snow and icy conditions many airports are not operating as normal. Many flights were cancelled, runways closed and people stranded. My father and sisters were scheduled to fly to Algeria yesterday morning. They woke up early, all packed and ready to go, said their goodbyes and they were off. Imagine my disappointment when they were back an hour later because their flight had been cancelled. I was looking forward to a week of peace with my mum but was denied it because of the snow government. They are still here and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon as the snow is still falling. The only positive outcome of the snow is that I have no school. My school doesn’t break up until Friday, after which my mother and I are scheduled to jet off to Algeria if all goes well and the flight isn’t cancelled. Fingers crossed.

Hope the snow isn’t ruining your holidays,


3 thoughts on “Snow causes disruptions

  1. As much as I love the snow, I agree with what you’re saying about people making a huge and unecessary fuss about it – I think everyone in Britain has just had a huge brain freeze at the moment of the first snowfall!
    Wait a second, why does the government get a weather-amking machine? This is not fair!!! I bet they have a coffee machine, too… Grr…

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