Back from holiday already- I beat the V.A.T increase

I’m back from my ‘far too short’ holiday in Algeria and despite my reluctance to go I found that I actually enjoyed myself and was quite sad to come back (nothing to do with the fact I have to go to school tomorrow). Algeria was a welcome break from the cold and miserable London weather that I am used to and with sunny alfresco lunches and warm temperatures of around 20°C it was easy to forget that it was winter time. I also managed to spend some quality bonding time with my family and just relax without the stress of normal life. That’s one of the great things about being on holiday. You sort of leave your responsibilities behind, at least I did. No homework, no chores…bliss. But then the time went by so quickly and suddenly I’m back to reality. I have to revise for a history test, the weekly shopping needs to be done and V.A.T is increasing. Yes, the economy is terrible and the news of rising prices is so very depressing. As soon as we landed back in London and were heading home the radio presenter was all too eager to bring our holidays to a sad end and dampen our good moods with the news of the rising price of everything. My father’s solution was to go out and buy an extra freezer and stock up before the increase tomorrow and my mother’s was to buy a new saucepan. Or maybe I’m getting mixed up with the january sales?

Back and Blogging,


P.S- Happy New Year!!

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