A royal visit…I think.

Walking into school this morning, I was met by sudden changes and surrounded by a flurry of activity; repainted walls and repositioned lockers, last-minute display boards and hurried clean ups. Naturally, I was very confused and curious as to the reason for this unexpected transformation. What was the occasion? Sitting for registration, we were instructed to be on our absolute best behaviour and avoid any scandals and unorderly conduct. As our form tutor warned us of the consequences of stepping out of line, revealing that we would be receiving a very important visitor, it all made sense.

Immediately cogs started spinning and the school rumour mill went into overdrive as assumptions were made and passed on from student to student, altered slightly at each stage until an interesting array of potential visitors, ranging from footballers to movie stars, was created. I came to the more realistic conclusion that we must be having a visit from Ofsted (inspectors). The speculations continued until lunchtime, the guesses becoming increasingly wild, until the most recurring one was that we were being visited by a king! How likely.

However, sceptical as I was and as unbelievable as it sounded, it was confirmed by a teacher who informed us that the visitor was in fact the king of Malaysia who was for some undisclosed reason considering our school to place his daughter in. Now, I was under the impression that kings wore crowns and dressed in solid gold so I was sorely disappointed when our lesson was disrupted and a fairly ordinary looking man with an entourage of fairly ordinary looking people was shown our classroom.

We only saw him for a few seconds and even then I wasn’t sure which ordinary looking Malaysian person he was. So, apart from all the excitement, buildup and his flashy Mercedes the only interesting occurrence was when we all awkwardly stood up from our seats at our teacher’s ‘subtle’  wave when he entered, as we were not aware of this particular etiquette and looked amusingly confused as to why we all had to get up. Afterall, it’s not everyday you meet a king. We can not be expected to know the proper conduct that should be followed when receiving one.

Peace and love,


6 thoughts on “A royal visit…I think.

  1. ooh that sounds cool! Maybe his daughter will start in your class ^^..I’ve never met a king or any one from the royal family. But like you said, they look like ordinary people.

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