Mean girls are back…and so are the stereotypes

I know I’m a bit late but I have just heard the breaking news: the mean girls are back and ready to become the must-see-teenage-sleepover-movie. With their utter fakeness, dumb one-liners and love for all things pink and fluffy, they have returned to finish the job that Lindsay Lohan and her band of barbie doll bimbos started. 

For any one who has ever see a chick flick this film will probably be a repeat of all previously watched high school movies, the epitome of the world of high school stereotypes and clichés. As with all movies of its type the plot is predictable and it all starts with a new girl coming into conflict with the school’s ‘it’ girl, who in this movie is suprisingly a brunette instead of the usual blonde. This unoriginal plot is carried out by the familiar Hollywood characters present in every single attempted recreation of a high school and without even watching  it I can already list them: the bitchy popular girl and her faithful clones, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the emos,the school gossip mongers… and then, the new girl who doesn’t seem to fit in to any one of these cliques.

This repeated depiction of high school leads me to question if this is how all schools barring mine are? Must every one fit in to one of these social sects because I’m not too sure where I would go. Blogging gossip monger? Blogging computer nerd? Maybe I could start my own clique… the bloggers? How does that sound Hollywood? I think it would add a bit more originality and it sure beats watching a movie on a recycled script.

 Maybe in America teenagers really are exactly like in the movies, vampires can sparkle and the world will end in 2012. But from my experience students are too busy doing homework and trying not to fail exams rather than throwing lavish house parties every night and publishing lists of the entire student body by order of popularity. It doesn’t happen.

I will most definetely not be watching this movie when it comes out , straight onto DVD, in February but if anyone does my one piece of advice would be to expect the expected.

4 thoughts on “Mean girls are back…and so are the stereotypes

  1. High school absolutely was not like this for me. Sure there are cliques, but the lines are a lot more blurred in real life, you know? I was friends with a lot of people in high school who were in turn friends with EVERYONE- their friendships spanned across social groups and included everyone. That’s how it should be, I think.

  2. I kinda liked the first movie, back when Lindsay Lohan was believable as the smart outcast girl. It had Tina Fey, it had Amanda Seyfried. That is to say, it had some redeeming qualities. Based on this poster for Mean Girls 2, the “outcast” girl, in a leather jacket and jeans (as if that makes her cooly unfashionable?) looks just as plastic as the rest. They could be all the same actress in different wigs and dresses, they look so much alike.

    My high school was not really like this. There were some obvious groups, but those were just based on your activities – cheerleading, sports, band, etc. And people did belong to more than one group. Most of us were too busy with real, actual life to care about the stuff that happens in these movies.

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