My week of unpaid labour (work experience)

This week saw me swapping the classroom for the office as I had my first taste of the working adult world. It’s not as tough and harsh as everyone makes it out to be, leading to me think that maybe the ‘big bad world’ waiting for us outside is just a myth made to motivate us lazy teens into concentration in class and generate better exam results.
From my experience, every single day of it, working is not particularly difficult, only boring and monotonous. It sucks out every last drop of creativity from your colourful mind, dampening  it into an empty shell of black and white. Definitely not worth 7 years in primary school, 5 years in secondary school, 2 years in college and if you go to university, an additional 4-6 years and a couple thousand pounds worth of debt.
But nevertheless, whilst at my alternate learning habitat I did learn many valuable lessons and make many new friends. They were all very welcoming at the law firm and I was made to feel right at home .However, it may have just been the corporate environment but I found that many of my new friends were quite, how to put it, robotic? They lacked personality and I sometimes felt as if I were talking to a machine.


Here are a few of my new amigos:

The Shredder

I met him on my second day of work. I was quite intrigued by his unusual appearance when we were introduced and after a few complications and malfunctions we got a long just fine. Everything I gave him, he just took in.

The photocopier         

This one was quite a complicated relationship. Weak and somewhat unintelligent, she relied on me for everything. Not that I minded but she was always copying my work. I understand that I was a newcomer in her territory but that was no reason for her to take advantage of me and copy my hard work. I’m not complaining, simply voicing my discontent.

The Computer

Last but by no means least, my best friend. My constant companion. I relied on her for all kinds of support and was helped through all my tasks. She was a bit slow but she served me well.


The friends I made were a definite highlight of this week. Not a day went by without me spending time with them. We became so close that I think I may miss them when my compulsory weeks of unpaid labour are up.

35 thoughts on “My week of unpaid labour (work experience)

  1. I’m actually a lawyer myself, so this really made me chuckle! I undertook similar placements when I was studying but your experience appears to be worse than mine!

  2. Love your descriptions of your coworkers. I’ll never look at my shredder the same way again.

    Interesting too that we have the same constant, if somewhat fickle, companion.

    Keep up the great writing!

  3. Thanks for liking my cookie post! I like reading your posts. We have the same blog theme, great minds…

    I’ve been in the working world for almost 15 years now, maybe that explains my complete lack of creativity? But the number of hours of vacation I earn will increase when I hit the 15 year mark…something to look forward to in the midst of the monotony and soul-sucking.

  4. I enjoyed your post! Being a regular office yahoo..I totally know what you mean by “robotic”…forgot to mention the sweet stash of office supplies that keeps you going!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I actually had a tremendous fight with the copier in the workroom today. I couldn’t get it to understand that I needed it to make more than one copy at a time. Ugh.

  6. Lovely blog – you show great chops (and a great turn of phrase, as us oldies would say) for a young thing 🙂 Thanks for liking my post – I see you could do a list of ‘office friends’. All the best

  7. LOL! I wouldn’t call them “friends” ’cause they will turn their backs on you the instant you think you can trust them.

    When I worked, I thought the phone was my friend but he always let the belittling and bossy voices through (rude co-workers and customers)…argh!

  8. Thanks for the blog visit.

    I must agree….landing a job that doesn’t zap your creativity is extremely difficult. Sometimes, the best solution is finding another outlet (i.e. blogging :)) to help you keep your sanity. Keep up the clever writing.

  9. Thanks for liking my post 🙂

    Yup….your 100% right….being in a full time job is pretty much how you describe it. No matter how much you love it, it may become a tedious repetitive thing eventually. Just make sure you find your own time to have a little bit of fun:-)

  10. This made me giggle – well done! Best of luck in your employment adventures.

    As someone else noted, great friends are to be found in the supply closet!

    As for the robotic friends, yes, I’ve had many of those… They can turn on you in times of dire need, though. Be warned! The shredder angers easily, apparently: she catches fire when worked too hard. The copier gets greedy with paper: she jams in places no one but the repairman can access. And the computer, she can be quite anti-social: she stops recognizing everyone else in the network.

  11. Hey you!

    Thought I’d say hi. Really enjoy your blog. If you have time, I’ve updated my blogs so take a look and leave me some thoughts.

    I look forward to the next read!


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