It’s for a good cause…

Happy Red Nose Day!! A day of all things silly,embarrassing and red in the name of charity. Up and down the country all week many people have been raising money in their own various different ways for people suffering here in the U.K and abroad in poor countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. From cake sales and marathons to ‘wear a wig to work’ days and ‘come to school in your pyjamas’ days, people have certainly been creative in their fundraising.

The great thing about red nose day is that absolutely everyone gets involved. Celebrities are happy to make a fool of themselves for charity’s sake, providing education for children in Africa and laughs for people sat at home watching T.V. Even David Cameron played along, appearing in a special episode of Master Chef and bravely forcing down a three-course meal cooked by three, less than experienced in the kitchen, comedians.  The government has also pledged £10 millon to comic relief on behalf of the great British public. A commendable charitable act on which I was not consulted. I know I do not pay taxes but that is besides the point.

Fashion, on the other hand suffers slightly during this period. Whether it suits you or not, clashes with you hair or not, you must wear red. Whilst some people may just opt for wearing a pair of red socks or red knickers, others like to go the whole way. Dressing from top to bottom in red is not always a good look and when all your pieces of clothing are mismatched and just happen to be every red thing  you own it is even worse. But who cares if you look like a clown? It’s all in the spirit of comic relief and for a good cause.

In fact, you could do just about anything as long as it is for a good cause. Declare your love for a chimpanzee… have a pillow fight on the bus…speak gibberrish for a day…have I missed anything? ‘It’s for a good cause’ is a free pass to go wild without anyone branding you a lunatic. Lunacy is acceptable as long as it is for charity. 

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for charity?

3 thoughts on “It’s for a good cause…

  1. Ha, we knew about Red Nose Day ’cause we’re such big Who fans. It’s such a great idea, shame on us yanks for not having something like it of our own.
    Hmmm, well, we’ve been volunteering at least once a week at a nearby sanctuary for farm animals, so that probably counts. It never feels like enough tho’. At work, the owners said they’d match any $ donation that the staff made to the relief efforts in Japan, so we’re writing a check tomorrow.
    Great post and a worthy topic!

  2. I did the Polar Plunge last winter for Special Olympics Minnesota. I was on a team of co-workers and we all jumped into a frozen lake together. The money we raised came from friends and family members who may have took a little too much joy in watching the whole thing!

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