Born into the wrong century

This week-end we abandoned our usual  family hangout of our local shopping centre for a much more sophisticated venue. We travelled back in time to the romantic age of chivalry, courting and curtsying,wandering around the lavish halls and strolling through the magnificent gardens of Kings and Queens. All the historical novels that I have ever read came to life around me in between the regal red velvet walls of Hampton Court.

The palace (built in 1515 ) had been inhabitted by the royal family until the 18th Century and since then remained very much the same, making you feel like you have entered into an entire different era. As I gazed upon her dressing table, I could imagine Queen Mary sitting there as her ladies in waiting brushed her hair, sharing the gossip of the latest scandals at court; which Earl had taken on a mistress, which Lady was secretly barren and had lied to her husband, which young Duchess had fallen in love with a kitchen boy! 

History surrounded me,

like magic; 

trickling down the walls,

seeping through the carpets,

pouring through the ceiling.

It was overwhelming. Just being there made me feel like I had been born into the wrong century. We missed the massive Next sale and yet I can not bring myself to care. I no longer find myself excited by the brightly coloured jumpsuits or the cute ballet flats. It seems that I have developed a more…vintage style. By that I mean corsets, lace and a crown.

During my trip back in time I did manage to take a few pictures using a very out of place digital camera. They do not compare to the actual majesty of the palace but I hope some of the magic was captured.

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11 thoughts on “Born into the wrong century

  1. What a lovely post! I love its descriptive quality which “magically” seems to transport me to the very palace you were visiting. There are times that I too feel that I’ve been born in the wrong century! Everything in the past seems so much more stately and dignified. Don’t you agree?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! you write so well too. I’ve always wondered if I was born into the wrong century too, that said, unless I was royalty or someone really rich, I don’t think I would’ve liked living in those times.

  3. I visited Hampton Court when I was little. I don’t remember much about it, but I definitely recognize the majority of the pictures you took!
    Lovely post. You have described your whole experience in a way that brought it to life when I was reading!

  4. Great post! Love the pictures. I am fascinated with the past and love to read historical fiction (and fantasy) featuring kings and queens, royal court intrigue, etc. I hope to see something like Hampton Court in person some day. I would love to see me some castles in Scotland too.

  5. You have defintely captured the magical essence in your description of this place. It instills the desire in me as well to travel to those worlds we love to read about, wherever they may or however long ago they may be from. Your words are completely enchanting. I have always loved the idea of time travel and this definitely awakens that thirst and wish that it could be possible.

    I am now following and look forward to hearing more about related things. I am fairly new to the book blogging world (and love the magic in this world too) by the way, so would love if you stopped by my blog should you get a chance.

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