Raw meat and a pitiful fire

It seems that summer has come early here in England, much to my delight. People have taken off their heavy winter  jackets, the ice cream vans are playing their sweet music and the sun is shining! So, I’m making the most of it and soaking up as much vitamin D as I can before it all comes to a very abrupt and rainy end.

This weekend, we had our first barbecue of the year and so did everybody else. The supermarket was full of people stocking up on meat, coal and beer and the smell of barbecue was  prominent in our neighbourhood. Trails of smoke rose from every garden. Every garden except ours.

My father took charge of our barbecue. He never cooks but somehow when it comes to the barbecue he is in his element…or so he thinks. He cooked sweet corn, veggie burgers and very raw meat on a pitiful fire and served  up sweet corn, veggie burgers and very raw meat. Not that anyone could say so because according to him it was very well cooked. He refused to take any advice, suggestions or complaints, preferring to do it all wrong, all by himself. Give a man grill and an apron and he becomes a macho chef, very defensive (stubborn).

Although vegetarian me didn’t eat much, I enjoyed the feeling of an early summer and an approaching holiday. I don’t mean the easter holiday, which my contrary school has decided to take two weeks later than the rest of the country. I am looking even further ahead: summer holidays. Lets just hope that when they finally do arrive the weather doesn’t take a u-turn.

I do remember getting extremely excited last year when we experienced a miniscule heat wave. It lasted about three days, temperatures were fairly high and everyone complained. Then, it rained for the rest of the summer and well, everyone complained. But that’s just British weather and British people for you.

To all people around the world experiencing the current benefits of global warming, lets pray it lasts.

9 thoughts on “Raw meat and a pitiful fire

  1. Yes – you write so well. Loved the raw meat… still raw meat part. A whole summer of food safety anxiety awaits me. Not that I think summer has arrived early – I think spring was pretty much missing! But long may the weather and eating outside continue.

  2. Woman you like summer!!!
    Out here in Mumbai (way down in the subcontinent of India) its like a messy affair. One begins sweating within 10 minutes of stepping outside! The temperature out here, during summer, is around 95 F. In extreme cases its as high as 117 F!!!
    And, then, we have the city surrounded by the Sea. Lady it is HOT HOT HOT HOT:-p
    Gimmi winter! Anytime.

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