Yasmine in the World Wide Web

Last night, I was in the bathroom going about my usual business; contemplating the meaning of life; when I received an unexpected spark of total genius. During my musings and out of a random muddle of disconnected  thoughts a blog name appeared before me: Yasmine in the World Wide Web.

It is a simple name but nonetheless allow me to explain. My name is Yasmine (hi 🙂 ) and I am a small, miniscule, microscopic part of the greater cyber-universe that is the Internet. As an individual I contribute to those three big “W”s. I am a part of something much greater than just a few jotted down sentences in an inconsequential journal hidden under a mattress. Hence the blog title.

I have been trying to come up with a blog title for a considerable amount of time yet is only when I am not actively thinking of one and in the most unlikely of places that I actually do. What is it about the toilet that stimulates such creativity and induces that light bulb moment? I’m no psychologist but if I were to have a guess I would assume it has something to do with the way you feel shut off from the world, giving you the confidence to explore your deeper thoughts and triggering vigorous brain activity…

I’m also no historian but there must be a reason that all the history books fail to mention the exact locations of the conceptions of all the greatest inventions. Where exactly was Thomas Edison when he had what we would now, thanks to him, call his light bulb moment? Any guesses?

My blog title does not compare to a light bulb, unless you think so, but I am more than a little bit proud of the result of my bathroom activities. The only thing that could dampen my excitement would be the discovery that the title in not my own and that it has simply remained in my exceptionally retentive subconscious after reading someone elses blog. Oh, what a tragedy that would be! Here I am gloating and it’s not even an original idea.

What do you think of my new title? Any ideas for a tagline?

8 thoughts on “Yasmine in the World Wide Web

  1. Like the name alot! Your jealous of my mini Carrie closet and I’m jealous of your Brilliant writing skills ( love your posts by the way)! That’s why I started my blog, so I could attempt to become a better writer, which I have always sucked at! I am gonna definitely try the bathroom brainstorm:)

  2. Hi, first of all thanks for liking my latest post, it’s always great to see people enjoying your blog, especially when you’re new like me 😀 Also this post made me lol, seeing as though I usually come up with my best plans in the loo (toilet) hehe

  3. I always have a lot of thoughts when I am taking my shower. Hence, depending on what I am on about, I could be in the shower for quite sometime. Well, it might not be environmental friendly but when you have an idea, you just want to keep elaborating on it.

    I am not taking shower right now, therefore, I couldn’t think of a tagline for you!

  4. I tend to get all of my great ideas when I’m in the shower…. which is great because I’m soaking wet and by the time I get out I forget about it. Titles are hard to come up with, but I think it definitely works and it’s hilarious how you came up with it!

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