Washing up: A thing of the past

Since the beginning of time, women from all over the globe have suffered through daily hardship. At the end of each meal, as the cave men went out to hunt for the next, the poor wives, daughters and conquests were left with the bloody task of washing up. As centuries went by this form of gentle torture continued, expanding as people became civilized and decided that plates and cutlery were a good idea. Although, the rich privileged upper-class would never experience the trauma of having to touch a plate but with their engraved silver knives and forks, imparting the unpleasant chore on to their poor downstairs servants.

Then, in the 1900s, under the false guise of attaining equal voting rights, the suffragette movement began; its true aim to eradicate washing up. An aim which was not achieved. However, it did serve to drag men, kicking and screaming, into the kitchen and offer a clumsy helping hand, lessening the burden of 20th century women.

Fast forward a few years and meet the modern-day world. With the speedy progression of technology and the fast pace of life, washing up has become a hindrance, and an unnecessary obstacle that has fortunately been eliminated thanks to the most revolutionary invention of our time. No, I don’t mean paper plates. I mean… The Dishwasher.

This miracle machine has improved the lives of many working mothers, aquaphobics, pensioners, lazy college students etc. and now that list will extend to include my family. At long last, after months of my father obsessively searching the internet for the best prices and my mother constantly giving hints, reminders and complaints, we have received our new dishwasher! It probably has something to do with the fact that my aunt is coming for a two-week visit but why ponder the reason when I could just be grateful?

From my extreme excitement you would be fooled into thinking that I actually did the washing up but it is had always been my father’s area of expertise. At the end of each meal, armed with soap and sponge, he would be the first to get up, leave to his post at the sink and dutifully wash up as we brought him the dishes. Those days are over. Sorry Dad, but you’re out of the job.

9 thoughts on “Washing up: A thing of the past

  1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T Dad one of few, wondering why Mom had to encourage him to get the dishwasher he must enjoy it, possibly finding it therapeutic I’ve met a couple of mados who actually like washing dishes!

  2. well yes the washing up has always been a mans job as far back as my own grandfather and personally I think that is WHY dishwashers were even invented. But I have renamed mine and now we call it the steriliser because it does not WASH anything! So tell your dad he is not out of a job because now he has to RINSE the dishes you bring to him before stacking them in the DW. Love your post c

  3. We have a dishwasher but we still seem to generate washing up that must be done the ‘old fashioned’ way – Sharp knives, non-stick pans and the like. Plus we have a new chore to debate at length: who will empty the dishwasher once it’s clean! (FYI that job falls to whoever HASN’T just cooked, usually my husband).

  4. Good one… in our society women does the majority of the household chores including the dish washing but now I’ve noticed the trend is gradually changing and I personally think it’s for the best.

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