GCSE Results Day 2011- Yikes!

6:00 A.M (results released)


After waiting nervously for months, today is the day my results will be released on the Edexcel website. I’ll know if a whole year of revision and exams has paid off or if it was just a waste of adolescent time. It better not have been.

I’m not nervous, or so I keep telling myself. In actual fact, I am unusually calm; as if I were not about to discover the letters that could change my life forever! Well not forever; until I can go back to school and re-sit my exams but hopefully I won’t have to. Perhaps that’s why I’m not that nervous. Because I know that if I don’t get the results I want, I can always retake the exam or ask for a remark. Grumpy grownups (that probably failed their own GCSEs), complain that the government has made it all too easy for us and that is the reason for the improvement of student grades but have they ever just considered that students are just generally more able than they were a few years ago? Exam re-sits are not going to change the results of an entire nation. I just find that they give more confidence, a sense of security, something to fall back on. Nothing wrong with that. Is there?


The facebook countdown has commenced. All my classmates have woken up early, as have I, some not even bothering to go to bed whilst others are too apprehensive. Years from now when we’re all in university we’ll be laughing at our younger selves for making such a big deal out of it, but for now we are all happy to wake up at such an ungodly hour. Most of us, that is. There are those students that say that they are not pathetic enough to actually get up at 6.00 in the morning just to check their results that will be available all day but we all know they’ll be taking a peek. How could they resist?


Five minutes to go now. Maybe I feel slightly anxious but I’m more excited than anything. I’m glad for that. Excitement is a positive feeling. I hope I’m still feeling it in five minutes time. I don’t take failing very well.


Back from the toilet. My stomach feels queasy. I think I’m almost ready now. As soon as I press that button….


Time to face the music. I’m going for it. Hope I’m not disappointed.


What’s happening? My results account is taking too long to open. Are they intentionally trying to give me a heart attack? The tension is building up and literally killing me.


Yes!! I passed! I more than passed. I absolutely nailed it! I’m so glad I performed well in the exams I took this year. I have my final grades for  French, Arabic, economics and maths as well as some units of science, I.C.T, English and history. My excitement is however, overshadowed by the dread of the approaching new school year in which I will have to go through it all over again! I know I should just be grateful but I wish that this was finally over.


I am now off to my warm bed. I hope this was not all a dream but when I wake up and starting doubting myself, this blog post better be here to reassure me.

Good luck to everybody who is receiving their GCSE results today. Let’s show everybody how the youth of today are not the lazy, un-achievers we are sometimes portrayed to be.

19 thoughts on “GCSE Results Day 2011- Yikes!

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  2. Congratulations!
    I loved reading this post – it brought back so many memories. I sat the IGCSE (the I is for International) back in 2003. And guess what? There was no Edexcel website back then. We had to wait until the results were mailed to us! And oh tearing through that letter… your heart almost stops beating. Also, there was no Facebook so we were all calling each other. Incredible how the internet has changed things 🙂

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