A little gratitude goes a long way

It may seem simplistic and a little bit inconsequential but many of us are guilty of ingratitude every once in a while. We become so used to something always being there that we fail to acknowledge the hard work and the kind feelings behind it. Sometimes those feelings get hurt. They yearn for that acknowledgement. A basic thank you or a simple compliment can make a huge amount of difference to a person who has invested time, effort and maybe even money to appease you. It makes it all worthwhile.

A few generous-hearted people, who make up an extremely small percentage of the general population, are natural givers. They aim to please and go out of their way to make others happy. They’ll bake you a cake to welcome you to the neighbourhood or send you a card when you fall ill and although it is not their intention, even they appreciate the smallest bit of gratitude. More than anything, they deserve it.

Everyone likes to be recognised and thanked so put yourself in the other person’s sensitive skin and look at it through their eyes. It can be slightly disheartening, down right annoying and verging on infuriating when you are trying your very hardest, with the best of intentions, to please someone and you are given no indication that they are grateful. You give; they take and offer nothing in return. Not a smile or even a nod of approval. A nonchalant shrug is all it takes to make you want to give up.

It can be all too easy to forget to show gratitude and on certain occasions it is forgivable but after a few repeated faux pas it is time to start re-learning the basics of manners and social etiquette. Start from a smile and work your way up to blush-worthy praise. There is nothing worse than an ungrateful guest that never seems to be satisfied. They can make you feel inadequate and dampen the pleasure of giving.

So, this is a reminder to all that need to be reminded. Don’t be that person that makes others feel insufficient. Don’t be that guest that everyone eagerly waits for to leave. Show the same amount of gratitude you would like to receive.

I’ll be the first to follow my own profound advice and say thank you to everyone who has ever done anything for me. Even if I forget to show it, just know that I’m truly grateful.

Smile of appreciation

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