School Fight Under the September Sun

Dark and frosty in the morning but by lunchtime, boiling. Whatever happened to September puddles? You may not think 28°C is boiling and if I was the least bit bothered about science I would probably agree with you but when it is the end of September and the weather is unnaturally hot there can be no other way to describe it. Summer seems to be stretching and that’s great but must it occur whilst we are stuck in school? When we’re on holiday it is wet and gloomy but as soon as we are back in the classroom the weather we should have had all summer arrives a few weeks too late. Tell me, where is the justice in that? I’m not asking for a thunderstorm but better timing would be much appreciated.

As I broke free from the school building this afternoon, without my school blazer which I left in my locker, the outside temperature hit me like a falling piano. Imagine that; walk out of school, breathe a content sigh of relief, then get crushed by a piano falling from a classroom window. Now, replace that piano with hot air because my school doesn’t have a piano or a window above the front entrance. That is more or less how I felt as I gave a very audible gasp and fanned myself exaggeratedly. The heat was driving me crazy and I wasn’t the only one.

Minding my own important business, I made way towards the bus stop, only to see a fuming, red-faced ex-student charging in the direction I came from. Not one to miss out on a fight, I did what any thrill-deprived teenager would do and slowly walked a few steps backwards, in chase of a fight. That is exactly what I got.

The gloves came off and the claws came out, girls style. The raging girl was even wearing leopard print to match her predatory stance. Right there on the street this older girl started shouting at two girls in my class over something they may have done to her younger sister. Insults were exchanged, names were called but not once did either of them strike. That’s how us girls operate, we’ll hurt you with our words but we won’t touch you. Its sounds like safe fighting but sometimes words hurt more.

However, (in today’s connected world news travels fast) by the time I arrived home word had already reached Facebook and if what the rumours said were to believed, it had been an all out battlefield. It was a spectacle at most.

“She’s prettier than you, she’s cleverer than you…you’re nothing compared to her.”

“We don’t know you. Who the hell are you? We don’t know you!”

“You dirty things! You are going to die!”

Trivial…truly trivial. I don’t remember ever being involved in a fight at school, I’m too much of a goody two shoes, but I’m sure that I would have smarter things to say than that. I would leave the opposition speechless, bowing down to my genius! If only I could get a word in edgeways…

Have you every been in a fight at school? If not, how would you fare?

2 thoughts on “School Fight Under the September Sun

  1. I have seen a fight or three at my school, but never had one myself.
    Mostly I’m too lazy to make a fuss about something or go and watch.
    But if I ever would get in a fight I would walk away or stick with defense until the other leaves.
    Don’t really know what I would do if it became an actual fight…. oh well ^^

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