Save the Children with a Movie Morning

Roll up! Roll up! Come and get your tickets for the greatest movie event of the year, my school council’s movie morning for the Save the Children charity.

All of last week we we had been selling tickets and pre-selling snack boxes to students to raise funds for our chosen charity, Save the Children and we had been rolling in it. We all thought that we were making easy money, no stress, no fuss, just take the money and laugh. Ha! We weren’t laughing when someone (not me) lost the ticket records, we weren’t laughing when someone (not me) oversold tickets for a single movie screening and we weren’t laughing when someone (again not me) did not buy enough sweets the previous day and only realised early this morning.

Morning of the event, the clock was ticking, school council members were last minute shopping, the movies were scheduled to start, food was meant to be being sent out and we were all gathered around a chicken waiting for it to lay popcorn.

The frustration I felt at the incredibly slow chicken was unbelievable. Pop chicken! Pop! We have impatient kids with the munchies to feed! It even took a break to stop itself from heating up. Now, that’s what I call high maintenance. The frustration was that regardless of what I did, there was nothing that would speed up the process. We were all stuck at the chicken’s leisurely pace, until we called in microwave popcorn.

Disaster avoided, It was still hectic. I was all over the place, putting nachos in rooms, distributing lists, fetching DVDs, looking for the people I distributed the lists to, taking back the nachos because I had placed too many in one room, panicking when the DVD

Nachos and popcorn

failed to play, downloading a media player to play the DVD and urging people to getmoving, acting like a human egg timer. Phew. The best moment was when everyone had settled down, eyes glued to the screen, mouths stuffed with popcorn and I could move from classroom to classroom asking if everything was okay knowing that I would get a positive response.

Yesterday, after we had spent two hours in front of a spreadsheet typing up the names of the entire student body only to be told that we could have been given a copy electronically and saved ourselves the trouble, our headteacher suggested that we keep notes of all the things not to do and pass it on to the following school council as a parting gift but we shot her idea down in the interest of justice. Why must they have it easy when no one gave us a list? It would be an absolute pity if they were to miss out on the frantic scurrying up and down the corridors in harmonic panic. Besides, learning from your own mistakes is character building and definitely more effective than learning from the mistakes of others, don’t you think?

Today, I learnt that microwave popcorn is the way forward, planning is key and to always have a back-up. I wonder what I will learn tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Save the Children with a Movie Morning

  1. Woo hoo, I love your posts and having worked in the film industry for years, not any longer, i just write now, I LOVE that you had a movie night, in your school with a chicken that made the popcorn very slowly, in fact can i borrow that idea, I LOVE THAT CHICKEN! c

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