Camden Curiosities

Yesterday, I went exploring around London and discovered Camden Town. There were many people (mainly Spanish-speaking tourists and spiky-haired punks) to push through, in order to see many different peculiarities and as such pictures were a hassle to take. This, in addition to the stall keepers’ unreasonable aggressiveness in shielding their showcases from the lens, makes every single photograph a valuable mark of my struggle. So, enjoy and appreciate!

 Camden Fashion!


Like something out of Dracula, many outfits were a little too vampiric for my liking…




but if I were to buy every hilarious slogan t-shirt I laughed at, I would be penniless.





Every odd shop was a tattoo and body piercing parlour and at every corner stood a sign twirler, male and surprisingly clear skinned. I stayed well away from them. No man was going to drag me into a chair and stick coloured needles into my skin for me to moan about in my old and wrinkly age!




If tattoos and piercings weren’t painful enough you could also take part in fish feeding and stick your feet in for 15 minutes, at a cost of £8. Their nibbling at your feet is apparently painless, but I have my doubts.

Then, if feeding fish builds up your own appetite, there is a food stall for every single country on the map. As you pass by, the vendors stick out a plastic fork with a morsel on it and wave it at you to try. (Tip: don’t pay, just have a taste and move on to the next.)


Many different aromas wafting from every stall, mixed in with all the different tunes blasting from their speakers created a real, upbeat vibe to the market and a perfect atmosphere to curiously browse through the interesting things there were for sale.

Fruit and veg candles- pour in the magic salts and light up!
How motivational…

However, despite all the things that caught my eye, there were too many of them and as soon as I saw one thing, I was drawn to another and so forth. I was so caught up in the novelty that I didn’t buy anything, but for next time, watch out Camden!

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