Sick of being sick

Why is it that you only ever get ill during the holidays? Is it a negative reaction to the decrease in school work? I’ve never heard of anyone being school sick but then, it is only when I am already at home that I fall into a poorly state. I’m not the only one; Facebook statuses agree.

At present, I am suffering from what is in my opinion, the worst malady ever to plague mankind: a blocked nose. It seems like the most insignificant of illnesses when compared to the more visually impressive,;there is no bright red blood flow and the only sign of my condition would be my constant blowing and moans but I truly do hate it.

I can not stand the feeling of restriction, being unable to breathe. Of course there is always the mouth, but I use that for other things! My nose feels heavy and stuffed as I am suffocated from the inside. A more awful feeling could not exist, especially when accompanied by a self-imposed headache. I blow my nose so hard until my nostrils are sore and the skin peeling, until my head is pounding with a headache and I can breathe with no more ease than before.

My will to conquer the cursed thing is strong but my perseverance does me more harm than good. It annoys my family members whose sympathies were short lasted as it became clear that I wouldn’t give up without a fight. My mother calls me a hypochondriac and a communal groan is heard each time my tissue appears. The constant blowing also makes my brain ache and apparently it is possible but not likely that I could be blowing out parts of my brain which I cannot afford to do with exams coming up. I was sceptical at first, but didn’t the ancient Egyptians pull out the deceased person’s brain through their nostrils during mummification?

As this year draws to a close, the holidays fade and my birthday approaches, I sincerely hope that my nose unblocks and that I regain my excellent breathing abilities. Earlier, I joked that I would probably blow my nose into the new year and then I could claim that I had blown my nose for two years. Fortunately, I seem to be making progress and I will readily bet that I am back to my usual state before school starts and will remain so until the next holiday.

I can’t belive I just dedicated an entire blog post to a blocked nose.

6 thoughts on “Sick of being sick

  1. poor darling.. your immune system is linked to your state of mind.. you dropped your guard. but that is OK too.. your system is building anti bodies to beat up on Next Term.. just go with it.. drink more water than you ever have and you will get over it soon.. It happens to us all! c

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