Saving Water to Save Money

So, for all of you that were previously unaware (i.e no-one) and thought the world to be a wonderfully fair place, water actually costs money. It is part of the Earth but someone must obviously own it for us to have to pay for it at the end of every month. London is an extremely wet and rainy city but that has no effect on the price of water and according to my father who is all doom and despair, our water bill (and usage) has doubled, leaving him astounded as to how that could have possibly happened and pointing his accusing finger at those who bathe too frequently or drink too much.

Being the creative and resourceful person that I am, I have come up with some ingenious plans for the conservation of water, to aid my family in their present austerity. If you are in a similar situation, or you are just extremely environmentally friendly, you might find a few of these useful:

1) If it’s yellow, let it mellow- This one I do not recommend but my mother insisted on its effectiveness. It just sounds like a World War II campaign slogan that little village schoolchildren would recite in class. Don’t flush the toilet or Hitler will hear it!

2) Borrow water–  Contrary to what my sister may say, this initiative is completely my own and is the one I most proud of. It involves going to school/work with empty bottles and returning home with water for domestic use. No need to guess where the water comes from. My mother thought it to be a fabulous idea and was mighty impressed by my resourcefulness; my father, not so much. In his own words, it is a “ridiculous” idea, but I know that the real reason he objects is that it is too risqué for him. Oh, and apparently it’s stealing. Who knew?

3) Use 2-in-1-  When I tried to explain this less risky, more legal, money-saving scheme to my father, he came blank. The man just didn’t get it. Instead of having to use shampoo and then conditioner, you save yourself a wash by using them both in one go. I started off explaining this simple concept and ended up explaining what conditioner was!

4) Boycott the bath- everyone’s heard that a shower uses about three times less water than a bath and I can now testify to that. Put the plug in the tub whilst you have a shower and you’ll be surprised by how little water you use in comparison.

5) Don’t cry. Don’t sweat- Crying and sweating wastes water that your body needs to keep hydrated. The water that you release from your eyes and your pores needs to be replenished by more water that you have to pay for.

6) Use the washing machine less– This does not mean live as slob, and dress yourself in grease and grime. Simply, be reasonable when it comes to judging if a piece of clothing is dirty. Take my lazy, little sister as an example. She can not be bothered to fold and put her clothes away and so will throw them in the laundry basket even if they are cleaner than when she put them on, a few hours earlier.

7) Do not take pictures of running water for blogging purposes.








Does any one have any other water saving ideas to contribute?

6 thoughts on “Saving Water to Save Money

  1. Haha, your dad sounds exactly like mine! The toilet idea has also been raised in my household, it’s kind of ickly, and I then had to explain to my dad that for females this was not always practical….akward.
    I’d never thought about the two in one idea or nicking water from school, thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I LOVE yours. You are so open and honest! You’re in London? Awesome. Never been, would love to go. This girl resides in Texas. Before you ask, no I do not ride horses, live on a ranch or listen to country music. I am a city girl who longs to travel the world. Perhaps one day. 🙂
    Your writing is GREAT. I’ll be back.
    ~ VSK

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