It’s here!

Rejoice! Celebrate! Skip joyfully around the entire house and let everybody know that it’s snowing! School will be out for the next few days, cars will be blanketed in a layer of white wonder and everywhere will become a giant playground for children and adults alike to throw themselves in the snow and throw the snow at each other. That is, unless the spoilsport of a sun decides to shine intensely on our excitement and create a sloppy mush in place of the snow that is at this minute falling delicately, as every person in London leans their face against the glass.

I can’t help but check every few minutes that the snow is still falling and give an occasional squeal when I see that not only is it still falling but it is falling faster and heavier. It too is desperate and in a hurry to settle, accumulate and be played with after such a long period of still admiration. I enjoy playing in the snow but the still admiration is probably my favourite part. After a few minutes playing in the snow, I feel wet, cold and unimpressed, every single year, but I never tire of watching it fall. It looks so perfect, pure and untouched in the early morning and I resent the person, or cat, that disturbs it with its footprints and the cars that turn it into murky, brown slush and the cruel men that sprinkle their deadly salt.

The whole city is transformed and looks more beautiful than it has ever been under the frosting of millions of tiny little snowflakes. It hides the dirt and draws your attention away from the problems, as well as creating a few of its own; transport is treacherous but if everyone just stayed inside and admired the snow without having to venture out, that wouldn’t be the case.

I think I must have gotten up from my chair and checked the snow out of my window at least eight times during the writing of this blog post. It is still snowing. It is settling. It is magical. No wonder so many poets attribute numerous poems to its praise. I would too.

If it’s snowing where you are, enjoy the snow and make the most of it. Make a snowman, pelt a total stranger, stick out your tongue and catch the flakes… Due to global warming, you may never see the snow again.

10 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Ahh, no snow where I live as of yet, but if it’s in London then it must be getting close!
    I just hope it’s snows like crazy this week to get it out of the way for next week so my flight doesn’t get cancelled :S

  2. I’ve never seen snow either, hahaha. I’ve had several people describe it to me.. even though I’m probably a couple of hours away from it every winter.. How does a snow day work? I mean, how does a student know that school is cancelled? Is there some message on the radio or something?


  3. Usually, if it snows enough it’s total chaos. You check on your school’s website, wait for them to send you a text with your fingers crossed. Some people make the journey to school only to find that it is closed and others will not even bother to get out of bed at the drop of a snowflake.

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