KONY has earned himself a blog post

I don’t normally share YouTube links on here, I’m surprised I even know how. I am more of a writer but sometimes pictures have a far greater effect. If it is a half-hour long stream of moving pictures, more so.

Watch this video and pass it on like a game of Chinese whispers- without the whispering part and without the mishearing and misinforming…So, maybe not Chinese whispers exactly. Nevertheless, I was brilliant at that when I was in primary school and now I’m playing it on the net, at a far greater scale.

I wonder if the African children in Uganda ever got to play games like Chinese whispers…

Joseph Kony. Evil. Don’t whisper it.

3 thoughts on “KONY has earned himself a blog post

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  2. how come i’ve never heard of this man (if you can call him that) before? i’ve linked up in my blog and sharing in fb too…let’s make it happen April 2012

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