Why do we always think the worst?

This afternoon, I was out shopping on Oxford Street with my sister and as is the norm the place was packed with shoppers, many of them tourists. I bought a periwinkle cardigan and black harem trousers and tried on a few maxi dresses but because I am incredibly short, those were left behind. I was happy with my purchases but they were not the only things I brought back with me.

Somewhere in between one shop and another, amongst a throng of people walking past each other, one stopped and handed me an object. It was unexpected and my automatic response was to take it. I hardly had time to look at the curly-haired woman who gave it to me and did not look at the object itself until she was gone, leaving my sister and I in a state of confusion.

Here is what she gave me:

After we had gotten over the initial surprise our thoughts naturally turned to the worst conclusions. My sister thought that it might be a computer virus and I thought that it might be the stolen data of a major corporation or bank that had been hidden with an unsuspecting stranger who know one would suspect (me), to be collected at a later date. Neither of us thought, maybe it could be a….I can’t even think of anything positive that it could be.

Is it a city thing to be suspicious of everybody’s motives? A result of reading too many crime novels or watching too much CSI? Or even watching too much news? Why did we automatically think the worst?

I’m wondering what other people would think in the same situation. What do you think is on the SD card? I’m not going to dare to find out but I’d like to read your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Why do we always think the worst?

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  2. Ohhh my gosh that’s so strange! I would automatically think the worst too. It’s like something out of a Bourne film. How very strange…. Unfortunately we have to be suspicious of everything these days, it’s a real shame. But it’s also a little of human behaviour. People rarely do something out of the kindness of their own heart, it’s because they will get something out of it.

    What are you going to do with it?

  3. Oooh, this is exactly like something out of an espionage film! It’s a shame I can’t post you my decrepit old laptop just so you can open it! I’m with you on not looking for security reasons, but by golly it would drive me mad not knowing!
    Also-Oxford Street as your high street? I’m so jealous! 😊

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