Out from under the textbooks

Phew… my exams for this school year are finally over and now I can sigh a breath of relief. Well, kind of… I’m actually feeling quite bored now. I never realised how much of my time is actually spent buried under textbooks because now I have absolutely nothing to do. Not that I’m complaining or asking for more exams but when your school days are empty but you are still required to sit in a classroom and do nothing in order to try to save your abysmal attendance record, you can tend to get a bit irritated. Yesterday for example, I spent my day moaning about how bored I was to a very unsympathetic audience and making lists of countries beginning with “N” and animals beginning with “B”; not the most interesting game but at least it stimulated some brain activity.

All I can do now is wait, wait for the holidays and wait for my exam results that do not come out until sometime in August. The way it works is that we are given a card with a unique pin which we can use to find out our grades from the exam board’s website at around 6 O’clock in the morning. Personally, I find it both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience as you wake up extra early during your holiday (or don’t even bother going to bed), rip open the card with your pin, shakily type it in and then watch your grades pop up. It’s a great system apart from the fact that your grade is displayed in a bar marked from U to A* which is filled according to your level, allowing you to see how close or far you were from the previous or next grade. This is extremely useful and a great ego boost for some but when you were only a mark away from a higher grade it is painful. Just one mark! Did you have to tell me? I suppose it must be good for business as they charge £30 for a re-mark so many students will opt for that hoping that there must have been some sort of terrible mistake or that the examiner will  take pity and award an extra mark for good handwriting or even for correctly filling out their details at the front. (Anything really, just please can I have the extra mark?)

Another thing that I find quite irritating is talking about the exam paper once you have done it. However, every time I promise myself that I will not do it I simply cannot resist asking everybody else what they got for that last question that I found quite tricky. Because of this, I leave the exam hall confident and satisfied with my performance only to have my joy crushed by the different correct-sounding answers of my classmates. It is so depressing finding out about all the mistakes you have made right after the exam, especially when you see your teacher still has the papers and yet there is nothing you can do about it. (Nooo!! Let me change my answer…please.) My history exam is a prime example of this. I misread the question that asked me to describe the Yalta Conference of 1945 and instead wrote about an entirely different conference altogether (Potsdam Conference 1945) even though I looked over my paper twice. Its an easy mistake to make but I am still extremely annoyed. Not at myself of course, why would it be my fault that I could not properly read the difference between Potsdam and Yalta? If anything the examination board should be to blame! They should have underlined/emboldened/high-lighted/enlarged the word so that I would have noticed it.

Any way, what’s done is done. Done incorrectly because I could not read, but done nonetheless so there is no point dwelling on it or ranting about it online. Hopefully, despite the examination board and the universe’s combined efforts to sabotage my performance and consequently my future academic journey, career and life I will still come up on top.

Note: Dear reader please do take note of my complete seriousness and absolute lack of exaggeration. Melodramatic is not my style.