Nightmares- Ducks, Cars and Exams

I’m generally not a restless sleeper. When I wake up, I find my bed almost done and I can hardly remember what I dreamt about the night before. I tried keeping a dream journal once but that didn’t work out because I wouldn’t have anything to jot down. Dreams are said to have signs and hidden meanings but I just think that they are whatever you are thinking about whilst you are asleep. We never truly have a moment’s rest and our minds can not be expected to switch off for eight hours a night. We might forget how to think in that lapse of time and wake up dumber than when we went to bed.


Lately, my dreams have been worrying. Some our self-explanatory. I have my GCSE exam results coming up in a few weeks so it’s natural that I should have nightmares about them. I dreamt that my statement of results was given to me in Arabic and so I couldn’t understand it, even though I can actually read Arabic, and that our form tutor went through the humiliating, old-fashioned process of reading out everybody’s results. That kind of dreaming is normal and expected. I don’t dream of failing exams, I just dream of getting lower grades than I would have liked and receiving them in Arabic.


Some dreams are just bizarre. How would you explain being surrounded by ducks with nowhere to escape? I tried to cross the bridge but it became submerged in water and a duck blocked my way. I turned to the left. Duck. I frantically turned to the right. Quack. Then, I woke up, shaken and confused to find that what I thought was a feathered wing was actually a fold in my flowery pink duvet. What does such a dream say about my state of mind? Does it say anything about my personality? How about my future? I think not, but I could be wrong.


Another strange dream found me defending my mother’s incorrectly parked vehicle from a large woman by biting her hand as she pointed her keys at me as if they were a gun. This resulted in me locking the door and windows before peddling all the way home. The only possible message here is that I was born to be the hero, to cycle, or to clean up my mother’s mistakes.

So, what do you think? Do dreams always have a point or are you sometimes so tired that you start thinking gibberish in your sleep? Has anyone had any weird dreams lately? Leave a comment if you would like me to have a go at interpreting it for you. Although, don’t put too much faith in whatever I come up with.


Is this a sign or a teenage dream?

It follows me. Everywhere I go, it is not too far behind. Everywhere I look, it is peeking at the corner. It changes colour, as if to hide itself from me, but I can see past that. It is difficult for an outsider to tell which is the one with the obsession. The stalker or the one that likes to be stalked. Perhaps it is destiny that allows two to pass each other by, close but unattainable for the moment. I wish.

I am not a car enthusiast and in the past if you had asked me what my dream car was I would have given you a colour but with this car it is different. I know nothing about my future vehicle and have only just managed to narrow it down to a Volkswagen Beetle but why bother with the finer details when I can recognise its cheeky shine from a mile a way? I can only come up with one word to describe it : cute. So, incredibly cute and not mine.

I haven’t yet got a license and my only experience of driving is bumper cars and the Legoland Driving School but already I have a mental claim on the car. I’m on a constant hunt for “my car” and a trip to the supermarket is usually accompanied by at least three exclamations of “look, it’s my car”. The poor delusional teenager in me is for lack of better words…delusional.

Only recently have they started to pop up everywhere. Perhaps they have become more popular or maybe I have suddenly become aware of them. Either way, I’ll take it as a sign. What other explanation could there possibly be? A higher power must be trying to tell me something, a little sneak peek into my future? Coincidence is overruled at the third time. Please let it be fate.

Last night I had the most peculiar dream that really shows the extent of my obsession. An old lady was driving my car, it was electric blue and a 1972. Then, with as much tact as a curious toddler, I kindly asked her to leave it to me when she reached her expiry date. Thoughtless and not something I think I would usually do, but in my defense it was a dream. It was just a pity that she remained living for the entire duration of my slumber. It seems that even in my fantasies there is a limit.

By the time I save up enough, cars will probably be a thing of the past. We will all be teleporting from place to place or too lazy to leave our television sets so I’m not even going to start. Instead I will hope that destiny can overcome a £15,000 price tag and until then I’ll keep dreaming. As my mother says: it doesn’t cost a thing.

However, if any one is lucky enough to own one of these cars and is feeling charitable feel free to come knocking at my door. I don’t mind if you intervene with destiny and speed up the process I will welcome you with wide open arms and an almighty grin.

How about you, what is your dream car? Colours are acceptable 🙂