Facebook Withdrawals

I have deactivated. My Facebook account is closed until further notice. I am coping.

The same way I followed the big crowd in, I followed the smaller crowd out. My mum seems to have managed to make herself believe that she has a life outside the social network and my friends have also deactivated, as is the norm at approach of the exam period. I follow in their steps for neither reason, but because it seems to me like a genuinely good idea that I would surely have come up with on my own and would certainly have done anyway.

I used to spend a lot of time just staring at my news feed on Facebook, even though nothing changed and people had nothing new to say. I have about ten friends, a pathetic number compared to those who boast hundreds, but in my defence I am selective and can confidently say that I have met everyone on my friends list. Still, it was time wasted and my account is only a way for classmates that do not say a word to me at school to suddenly acknowledge my existence, ask me for the homework and then tell me they love me. Classy. I have no need for it and anyone who genuinely wants to contact me can find other ways.

Nevertheless, some things take time to get used to. The familiar blue and white homepage greeted me each time I opened my browser and my mouse automatically went for the link on my favourites, without me even telling my hand to move. It just knew to do so. If you do something for long enough (average of 66 days) it becomes a habit. Now that my account is no more, my hands don’t yet know not to do so. I still open Facebook each time I go on the internet, unconsciously and without even wanting to as well as knowingly, just for the familiarity of the white and blue page and the its iconic logo, ingrained in my daily patterns.

My Facebook account will remain closed until at least the end of all my exams, if not longer, but until then I will enjoy the benefits of extra time and seclusion- especially from people I have no desire to talk to.

Facebook is becoming outdated. In fact, I am considering getting a Tumblr. So, in a few months time you can expect a post similar to this one: Tumblr Withdrawals.